Electrical What to Do Blog...

A Council Bluffs Electrician post reminding you what to do when you notice or sense potentially serious electrical problems in your home or business

There are various chronic electrical problems that can plague a household or business. The following tips are here to keep you, your family, and your employees safe from any potential electrical issues that one can avoid making worse.

Questions # 1. How should I handle frequent blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers?

Answer: Don't attempt any type of repair on these electrical components! Call Loess Hills Electrical as soon as possible to avoid potential injury or worse from possibly loose connections or worn out fuses or circuits.


Question # 2. What should I do if I feel a tingling feeling when I touch an electrical appliance?

Answer: Minimize the use of the electrical appliance, and immediately contact Loess Hills Electrical to address the issue of faulty wiring/frayed wiring, or the possibility of the electrical outlet not having a grounded portion of the connection


Question # 3. Why are my outlets or wall around the outlet warm? What is the burnt rubbery smell coming from the appliance plugged into that outlet?

Answer: Contact Loess Hills Electrical immediately to address to problem of damaged wiring or literal burning into your wall outlet. Immediately unplug the appliance if possible, and if not possible, find your circuit board and turn off the switch to the appliance and wall outlet in question to avoid a worst case scenario. Do not turn that back on until a member of the the Loess Hills Electrical team can arrive to do additional inspection. If a fire is pronounced, call the local fire department to intervene to avoid a larger electrical fire issue.


Question # 4. What should I do about flickering or dimming lights?

Answer: This is most likely as a result of faulty fuses in the circuit breaker, or a poor electrical connection inside the electrical lighting. If no additional signs present themselves (strange smell, sparks, or hot area around lighting, then you can proceed to carefully remove the light from the light socket. Be sure to turn off the light first, or shut off the switch at the circuit breaker, before removing the light. Contact Loess Hills Electrical to schedule a time to check out the electrical repair issues at hand.


Question # 5. What is the best course of actions if I notice sparks coming from an outlet?

Answer: DO NOT APPROACH THAT OUTLET. Turn off the switch to that area of your home or business and immediately call the fire department to intervene to prevent a more dangerous electrical fire. At that time, or after the intervention of the fire department, contact Loess Hills Electrical to provide the proper electrical repair/replacement to prevent this issue in the future.


Check out our electrica appliance repair page for information on electric appliance repair and other repair, and for tips on electrical safety, check out our previous blog Fall 2022 Home and Business Electrical Safety If you need a professional local Council Bluffs electrician company to investigate your electrical issues, or if you are in need of electrical repair or electrical installation, please contact Loess Hills Electrical at (712) 890-0090 or email us at loesshillselectrical@gmail.com.