• Council Bluffs Iowa Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement

    You might be asking yourself, "Why would I need to replace my entire electrical panel in my Council Bluffs home or business?" There are actually many reasons why a home or business owner might consider an electrical panel upgrade. One main consideration is if you have lived in your home more than 25 years, or if your business has been in existence for at least 25 years, that is typically the timeframe for most electrical panels to remain in working order. Any time past that might be cause to have an affiliated Council Bluffs Iowa electrician from Loess Hills Electrical come check your panel to ensure all aspects are in safe working order. If we only need to complete a repair, that is great, but if complete replacement is the right choice, we will discuss the reasonings for that.

    A second reason would be randomly dimming lights, as that might indicate a poor signal to your lights from the wiring. This can indicate a bad connection or bad current that could prove annoying with the blinking lights, or at worst a massive safety issue the could result in an electrical fire or worse.

    If your electrical panel frequently trips or makes unusual noises like crackling sounds or pops, it is definitely time to consider contacting a Council Bluffs electrician technician at Loess Hills Electrical to inspect your electrical panel and consider replacement to avoid any additional inconvenient or potentially hazardous conditions. Your home’s electrical panel has a vital role and is essential to the safety of your family and property. The electrical panel exists as a control center for the flow of electrical current to all aspects of your home and business. As you may already know, the different connections on that panel have switches which you can flip on or off to stop or reset the flow of the electrical current to specific appliances and areas of your home and business.

    If your electrical panel has issues, it puts your home or business at risk for fire, so anytime you notice electrical issues, or even slightly suspect there could be an issue with your home’s electrical panel, it is vital you contact a professional electrician company like Loess Hills Electrical to inspect your home’s electrical panel and see if it warrants a repair or full replacement. Loess Hills Electrical has experienced Council Bluffs electrician technicians who can address any residential electrical issues.

    We would love to be the one you call to install and provide maintenance on your Council Bluffs home or business electrical panel. We would be glad to serve you in addressing any other electrical issue in your home or business, so please contact us at 712-890-0090 or email us loesshillselectrical@gmail.com, and we will schedule a free phone consultation with you and a member of our team. The technician will then visit your home or business and create a plan we can implement to solve your issue quickly, safely, and to your complete satisfaction. That is our goal on every call!

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