• Council Bluffs Iowa Lighting Installation and Repair

    As a Council Bluffs Iowa home or business owner, the quality and type of lighting you have is important to your every day life for various reasons. At times you may need to consider replacing or repairing that lighting to meet your current needs. If you need a lighting fixture replaced or repaired, a new lighting configuration, recessed or other various types of indoor or outdoor lighting installed, or need new wiring installed for a new or existing light fixture, the experienced affiliated electricians through Loess Hills Electrical are your best choice to complete those jobs quickly, safely, and up to code.


    For home or business lighting upgrades, you need an experienced electrical team who will ensure the project is done safely and professionally. The Loess Hills Electrical affiliated electricians will complete your electrical needs so you are satisfied with it for the long term, whether that is installing more energy efficient light fixtures, reconfiguring the indoor or outdoor lighting in any portion of your home, or any other of the services we can provide to you. Our affiliated electrical technicians are knowledgeable about all your lighting options and can explain any questions you might have concerning switching your standard incandescent lighting to much more cost-efficient LED bulbs. Those types of changes will certainly help you save energy, reduced energy expenses, and increase lighting results for your Council Bluffs Iowa home or business. Regardless of the lighting upgrade you require, our electrical technicians will help you make the right decisions and get the long-term results you desire


    Below are some examples of services we offer


    • Switching current lighting to LED lighting
    • Adding motion sensors to indoor or outdoor lighting
    • Adding timers or upgrading to smart bulbs
    • Adding colored LED bulbs for year round or special occasions
    • Installing dimmer switches

    We would love to be the one you call to solve any electrical issue in your home or business, so please contact us at 712-890-0090, and we will schedule a free phone consultation with you and a member of our affiliated electrician company. They will then visit your home or business and create a plan their licensed electricians can implement. Their work will be done quickly, safely, and to your complete satisfaction.

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