• Council Bluffs Iowa Electric Appliance Installation and Repair

    If you are adding or upgrading a hot tub, pool, spa, dishwasher, washer, dryer, or any other major electric appliance to your Council Bluffs home or business, it is essential you contact Loess Hills Electrical to connect you with an licensed affiliated Council Bluffs electrician for your installation. The wiring and connection hookups on electric appliances are very specific, and any mistakes can create serious safety issues. This is especially true for appliances like hot tubs, pools, spas, or anything else dealing with water. There is no room for mistakes when working with fixtures that move water through them, or are even located near water, and safety is the main priority of Loess Hills Electrical.

    However, even after working with Loess Hills Electrical to safely and properly install the major electric appliance in your home or business, there is still the aspect of maintenance. It is equally important to regularly maintain the appliances due to old or damaged wiring, or damaged equipment. You can depend on the licensed affiliated Council Bluffs electricians through Loess Hills Electrical to handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of all your major electric appliances for your home and business.

    We would love to be the one you call to install, repair, or maintenance of your major electrical appliance. We would be glad to serve you in addressing any other electrical issue in your home or business, so please contact us at 712-890-0090, or email us loesshillselectrical@gmail.com and we will schedule a free phone consultation with you and a member of our team. The technician will then visit your home or business and create a plan we can implement to solve your issue quickly, safely, and to your complete satisfaction. That is our goal on every call!


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