• Council Bluffs Iowa Generator Installation and Maintenance

    Midwest electrical power outages are often unavoidable as winter blizzards, ice storms, and spring thunderstorms can create conditions that snap or damage power lines to you Council Bluffs Iowa home or business. This can result in lost or unreliable power for tens of thousands of people for days or sometimes weeks at a time. A residential generator from Loess Hills Electrical protects your home and business by maintaining power where you need it during unexpected power outage conditions in Council Bluffs Iowa and surrounding areas.



    In addition to a blackout, a power outage of any length can cause many problems for home and business owners

    • Spoiled food in refrigerator and/or freezer

    • Permanently damaged or cracked pipes from freezing

    • Basement flooding

    • Lack of air conditioning can lead to heat stroke and dehydration

    • Non-working furnace can cause dangerously cold temperatures in your home or business

    • Inability to charge cell phone to check on loved ones or call for help in emergency conditions

    • Corrupted files or damaged hardware from an unexpected computer shutdown

    There are many types of generators, and the knowledgeable affiliated generator technicians through Loess Hills Electrical are happy to answer any questions you have concerning the generator installation process, costs, maintenance schedule, and self-maintenance that will allow your generator to function far into the future to help you prepare for the unexpected weather and other situations that might create power loss issues for your Council Bluffs Iowa home or business.

    We would love to be the one you call to install and provide maintenance on your Council Bluffs Iowa or surrounding area residential or commercial generator. We would be glad to serve you in addressing any other electrical issue in your home or business, so please contact us at 712-890-0090 or email loesshillselectrical@gmail.com, and we will schedule a free phone consultation with you and an affiliated electrician. The technician will then visit your home or business and create a plan we can implement to solve your issue quickly, safely, and to your complete satisfaction. That is our guarantee!

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