How to Support a Budding Future Electrician In Your Family or Friends

Consider buying them this for Christmas

Snap Circuits. This toy is amazing and teaches the mechanics of electricity and electrical function in a safe and fun way for kids of all ages (really, it is a toy all ages can learn and enjoy). There are multiple different levels from the basic snap circuits jr. all the way up to snap circuits extreme. The main premise is that the kit includes insulators, conductors, and switches. There is a guide book for many examples of what to make and learn, but it also leaves the possibilities wide open for making your own circuits, which are the basics of all electrical systems and electronics in general. This is a gift that my kids love, and we actually just gave them an early Christmas present of the more advanced kit, and your can order them from a variety of locations. Please consider this gift as a start for any child interested in electrical services or electronics because it allows them a safe way to learn circuits, insulators, conductors, and switches without destroying your own electronics. For more information on the electrical services we can offer, please check out our electrical panel repair service page for more information, and to figure out the tell-tale signs of if you need to contact a Council Bluffs electrician, please check our our previous blog 7 Major Signs Your Electrical Has Problems You Need To Address Today. We appreciate your interest in Loess Hills Electrical and we look forward to hearing from you soon!