Indoor Electrical Safety

How to Keep Council Bluffs Iowa Homes and Businesses Safe With Electricity

In every home and business there are specific electrical risks to make make sure that children and adults are aware of. These include outlets, wires, small and large appliances, and water.

Outlets and Plugs

  • Never place fingers, toys, or any other objects in electrical outlets or sockets. This especially applies to metal objects!
  • Never plug too many appliances into one outlet...if there are two plugs, use just two plugs.
  • Avoid touching hot light bulbs in lamps or light features. Turn the fixture off first and let it cool down before changing any light bulb
  • Never let young children unplug or plug anything into an outlet without permission or supervision
  • Contact Loess Hills Electrical to repair any broken or faulty outlets and plugs

Wires and Cords

  • When unplugging a cord, unplug it at the base of the plug, not by yanking the cord as this can cause wires to break or eventually be exposed
  • On that same note, don't ever touch or plug in any cords that have broken or have exposed wires;
  • Repair or replace exposed wires and broken cords as soon as you notice an issue.


  • If you ever plan to clean an appliance yourself, unplug it first
  • Avoid using any appliances if you are wet or near water
  • Keep electric space heaters an advisable distance away from flammable items like laundry, curtains, and bedsheets


It is widly recognized that water and electricity do not mix as water is one of the best conductors. When a person touches water and electricity at the same time, that person become the electricity’s route to the ground. When this happens, you generally get shocked. To avoid this scenario, abide by the following:

  • Avoid storing liquids around electronics as any spill can create electrical shorts and a danger to yourself
  • Don't use appliances near a shower, bathtub, sink, or any other water
  • Keep electrical cords and plugs away from sources of water;
  • Avoid touching anything electrical, such as electrical cords, applicances, light switches, or outlets when you are wet.


Is most of this common sense? Yes, but there is no room for error with electricity. Keep yourself and your family safe year round by following these indoor electrical safety tips! For more information on the services our affilated electrician team can provide, check out our Local Electrical Repair service page. If you are experiencing any electrical issues, or are in need of electrical repair or electrical installation, please contact the local Council Bluffs electrician team at Loess Hills Electrical to help keep your home running safely and efficiently. You can contact us at (712) 890-0090 or email us at