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    Loess Hills Electrical is based locally in Council Bluffs Iowa, and our Council Bluffs Electrician team serves the residents in Treynor Iowa and the surrounding areas of Glenwood Iowa, Underwood Iowa, Missouri Valley Iowa, Council Bluffs Iowa, Crescent Iowa, Carter Lake Iowa, Mineola Iowa, Woodbine Iowa, Malvern Iowa, Oakland Iowa, Logan Iowa, and all other cities and towns in Pottawattamie county, Harrison county, and Mills county. See our "Local Electrician Service Areas" page for maps showing all the surrounding cities and towns we serve. Our Council Bluffs electrician team offers lighting installation and repair, electrical repair and installation, generator installation and maintenance, electrical panel repair and replacement, wiring repair and installation, and electric appliance installation and repair. Our local electrician team are experienced and professional, and will seek a thorough understanding of the electrical issues to provide quick and safe electrical repair and electrical installation solutions for you. If you need a reliable local electrician in Treynor Iowa or the surrounding areas, you have found the only company you need to call. Please check our "Council Bluffs Electrician" page for specifics on the electrical solutions we can offer to you, and call us today at (712) 890-0090, email us LoessHillsElectrical@gmail.com, or fill out the form below to schedule an electrical services appointment! We look forward to working with you soon!

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    If any part of your electrical system needs replacement or is outdated, our local electrician team in Council Bluffs is the company to call to complete your lighting installation and lighting repair work. Our local electrician team can replace your lighting fixture, fix the lighting or lighting fixtures, install new lighting, or rewire an existing lighting fixture. Our team will help you make the right decision and achieve the desired outcome for your electrical project.

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    Electrical repair and electrical installation problems can pop up at any time and can consist of electrical shorts, wiring issues, electrical panel issues, and a variety of other issues. Electrical problems can be a significant safety issue, and the local electrician team at Loess Hills Electrical is your go-to electrician in Council Bluffs to fix the electrical repair and electrical installation issues and ensure the safety of you, your family, your employees, and your property is the first priority. Our electrician team will ensure the job is done safely and right the first time and get your electrical systems running properly.



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    Electrical power outages are common in the Midwest with our unpredictable weather. Installing a generator allows you to back up the power to your home or business during black out conditions to keep your electrical systems working properly and keep your family and employees safe during unpredictable times. The local Council Bluffs electrician team at Loess Hills Electrical can repair your generator or install a generator to meet your energy back-up needs. Our team can explain the costs and benefits of fixing your generator and/or installing a generator in your home or business, and will install your generator and be available to provide any maintenance on it if you encounter any issues.

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    The electric panel serves a critical role as it is the main control of electrical current in your home or business. Electrical panels should be replaced every 25-40 years, and if you are unsure the time since your electrical panel's last replacement, please call the local electrician team in Council Bluffs at Loess Hills Electrical to perform a safety check on your electrical panel. Our team will asset your panel quality and safety, and if necessary, quickly and safely replace your panel or do a panel replacement and ensure your panel will function safely for many years in the future.

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    If you are looking to add a room to your home or business, or if you are remodeling an existing room, Loess Hills Electrical is your best choice for a local electrician in Council Bluffs to call to complete your wiring repair and wiring installation to ensure the the job is done safely, accurately and done to code. Our professional Council Bluffs local electrician team will complete a thorough inspection of the area and ensure the proper wiring and hardware are used to complete every aspect of your electrical repair or electrical installation.

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    If you need to repair or install a kitchen appliance, dishwasher, hot tub, pool, washer, dryer, or any other electric appliance in your home or business, it is crucial you consult a licensed electrician to avoid dangerous electrical issues. Our experienced Council Bluffs local electrician team will ensure all electrical components of your new electric appliance are installed correctly and function safely in all aspects.

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    Welcome to Council Bluffs, Iowa, home of incredible American history, and part of the beautiful Loess Hills. Once known as "Miller's Hollow" and then "Kanesville," we have had our current name since 1852. Council Bluffs has a beautifully historic past and was a key passageway for eastward pioneer wagon trains and the migration of Mormons and California gold rush participants. One of those historical attractions is the golden spike and "Mile 0" of the transcontinental railroad, which Abraham Lincoln's designated as the starting point of the transcontinental railroad. Council Bluffs is also home to the Dodge House, past home of Grenville Mellen Dodge, renown Union army general and transcontinental railroad executive. One unique attraction easy for one to overlook is the Squirrel Cage Jail, the only three story rotary jail in America. Arguably the most iconic feature of Council Bluffs are the rare and beautiful Loess Hills, a geographic feature found only in western Iowa and in portions of China. Council Bluffs is on the southern portion of the nationally renown Loess Hills Scenic Byway, and located in Council Bluffs are three beautiful overlooks of the Loess Hills at Fairmont park, the Lincoln Monument, and Lewis and Clark Monument lookouts.


    Lake Manawa state park, the Wabash Nature trail, the Dream Playground, and the variety of arts and theater offerings from the Hoff Family Arts and Culture Center are additional examples of great recreation opportunities available for the whole family in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Whether you live in Treynor Iowa or you are from a nearby city in southwest Iowa or southeast Nebraska, please enjoy our beautiful scenery and attractions, and it is our hope you can see the truth of our city logo "Unlike Anywhere else. On Purpose!" If you or a family member or friend ever has any electrical repair or electrical installation needs, the local electrician team at Loess Hills Electrical is the best electrician in Council Bluffs to call to find experienced and licensed electrical technicians to help you solve any electrical need you might have. We look forward to working with you soon!

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